HBI®’s mission is to increase smokers’ enjoyment by producing and distributing the very best RYO and MYO products in the marketplace.

We accomplish this in two ways:
First by offering our customers their choice of every high quality Roll-Your-Own product available. Each product evinces a unique style or fills a particular market need. We look for qualities such as eye-catching packaging, ultra-lightweight thickness, excellent paper quality and mouthwatering flavor. We simply refuse to offer what we deem to be inferior goods to our customers, without warning them in advance.
The second way we add to smokers’ enjoyment is by producing totally new products ourselves (or with a partner) and by improving existing smoking products.

HBI® leads the marketplace with new products.
For example in 2011 we launched the ELEMENTS PERFECT FOLD, which is the culmination of rolling paper design and development. You can read about it further in the catalog, but in short it’s the greatest thing to hit rolling papers since 1900. It took us years of development to both invent this product and create the machine to produce it. This sort of innovation is exactly what our customers demand and expect from us, and why we continue to be #1 in our market segment by a large margin.

Wait until you see what products we have up our sleeves for 2021!
Our customers already know that “there’s always something new at HBI®.

We take great pride in finding the right products for each customer and providing the necessary support to foster success. If you’re selling, we’re selling.

Thank you